30 DAYS OF FEAR: Day Three, Beginning the of Job Search, Review on Alan Moore’s Latest Films, and Getting Myself to Sit Down and Write

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Film

Galen Velonis

So today was a busy day full of fear and loathing.

I had my first full work day as an unemployed college graduate.

Searching for work, any kind of work, is really depressing. You write down the same information a bunch of times, and you realize how all your work experience is completely unrelated to each other and the jobs you’re applying for.

But they don’t call this the 30 DAYS OF FEAR for nothing! ONWARD!

I was able to get a hold of some of Alan Moore’s latest work which are his two films Jimmy’s End and Act of Faith, made with Mitch Jenkins.

It’s hard to give Alan Moore’s work a fair review without giving spoilers. I knew what it was walking into the short film, so the experience wasn’t quite as fresh for me. If you do manage to get to this film before you know what it is, I’m…

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