“Frog Song”

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Film

Uncouth Reflections

Paleo Retiree writes:

A truly oddball 2007 Japanese “pink” movie from director Shinji Imaoka, who also made “Underwater Love,” another memorably peculiar entertainment. It’s a slow-moving, low-budget and quickly-shot, ultra-lowkey kitchen-sink-type drama (with some touches of whimsy) about a pair of young women trying to get started in life and not making a very good show of it.

They barely seem to have a clue, in fact. One wants to be a manga creator but for the moment is working as a freelance hooker. The other seems to have nothing on her mind whatsoever, and in fact may be a little slow. She’s got a boyfriend who’s forever cheating on her; she loves reading manga; and she falls into prostitution too.

Some nudity and sex … but also lots of one-shot, underlit scenes; aimlessness; deliberately static camerawork; real-time-type conversations; failures to connect; and advanced-economy monotony and brutality. The Question Lady…

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