31 Spooky Movies in October: 2012 Edition Part 3 – Coffin Joe Special Report

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Film


10.  At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul (José Mojica Marins, 1963)

If you’re not Brazilian, you may not be familiar with Coffin Joe (even though you should be).  Think of him as a sort of Freddy Kruger type; a pop culture boogyman who’s appeared in films, TV shows, and comic books, always outfitted in top hat and black cape and possessed of some gnarly fingernails.  He’s the brainchild of genuinely weird director José Mojica Marins, who has also portrayed the character for half a century.  More than just a popular horror franchise star, Coffin Joe was loved by the Brazilian avant garde as a figure of subversion and gleeful blasphemy.

The plot of At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul, the first movie to feature Coffin Joe, is the definition of perfunctory: a sadistic undertaker nicknamed Coffin Joe is hated by the locals for his disdain for religion and superstition…

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